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Pl. 23 Deeper Organs (1870)

Joseph Maclise was born in 1815, the second son of Scottish Highlander Alexander Maclise. He was formally educated at the University College, London, and took up residence in the city. His studies of anatomy are beautifully rendered here in black and white with color details.

Author's Commentary:

The Relative Position of the Deeper Organs of the Thorax and those of the Abdomen.

Of the heart in reference to auscultation and percussion. Of the lungs, ditto. Relative capacity of the thorax and abdomen as influenced by the motions of the diaphragm. Abdominal respiration. Physical causes of abdominal herniea. Enlarged liver as affecting the capacity of the thorax and abdomen. Physiological remarks on wounds of the lungs. Pneumothorax, emphysema, &c. 


Additional Details:

  • Measures 10.5" wide by 14.5" tall
  • Original hand-colored lithograph
  • Good condition, minimal foxing on edges