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Pl. 6 Facial Regions (1870)

Joseph Maclise was born in 1815, the second son of Scottish Highlander Alexander Maclise. He was formally educated at the University College, London, and took up residence in the city. His studies of anatomy are beautifully rendered here in black and white with color details.

Author's Commentary:

The Surgical Form of the Deep Cervical, and Facial Regions, and the Relative Position of the Principal Bloodvessels, Nerves, etc. 

The course of the carotid and subclavian vessels in reference to each other, to the surface, and to their respective surgical triangles. Differences in the form of the neck in individuals of different age and sex. Special relations of the vessels. Physiological remarks on the carotid artery. Peculiarities in the relative position of the subclavian artery. 


Additional Details:

  • Measures 10.5" wide by 14.5" tall
  • Original hand-colored lithograph
  • Good condition, minimal foxing around edges